My Flexmaniacs faux pas

During my Flexmaniacs presentation on Flex modules this morning, I encouraged the audience to check out Michael Labriola’s cool implementation of modules using ILibrary and LibraryLoader. However, for some reason I referred to him as “Jeff Labriola.” Thankfully, Rob Rusher was there, and he was good enough to point out my error. He also introduced [...]

More fun with bubbles

In response to some good feedback to the previous post on event bubbling, I’ve expanded the Bubbles demo to show how an MXML component can dispatch a custom event, which in turn bubbles up and is handled by a grandparent container defined in ActionScript. I’ve also commented the code to help clarify the difference between [...]

Flash CS3 / Flex 2 butterflies (part one)

I’ve been playing with the Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3, and it looks pretty cool. I have run into a couple of issues, however.
One issue has to do with the bounding box feature which - in theory - works as follows: When you create a new Flash CS3 file that is to be [...]

Fun with bubbles

As a child, I never thought much about why bubbles worked. I just stuck the wand in the bottle, lifted it back out, and blew. It was fun to watch the bubbles rise up in the air and float away. It was even more fun when there was a dog around, because then you could [...]

How to swap your children

Have you run into issues when trying to swap your children? Rest assured - you are not alone.
The Flex 2 docs boast about how much easier depth management is in ActionScript 3. However, they don’t seem to mention that swapChildren() and swapChildrenAt() are buggy.
I was going crazy trying to manage the depth of some UI [...]