From the title of this post, you may think that I’m promoting a UI-programmer’s alternative to the Blue Man Group, but that’s really not the point.
The real point of this post is that I often run into situations where I need a group of check boxes to work together as a unit. Most often this [...]

Getting settled in to the new home

Welcome to my blog’s new home. As Jason informed me in his comment, the RSS is not working at present. I hope to have this resolved soon; meanwhile, take a look at the photo in the header and see if you can spot the item that doesn’t fit with the others.
Update: The RSS [...]

Tips and bubbles

In view of the fact that I’ve written about bubbles here and here, you might conclude that I find bubbles interesting. And it’s OK for you to conclude that; I won’t be offended.
Here’s an interesting tidbit about bubbles and tool tips: tool tips bubble down - sometimes. If you have a container with its toolTip [...]

ToolTipManager and ToolTip effects

Until now I haven’t had much reason to alter the default tool tip behavior in Flex: apart from styling, the tool tips work just fine out of the box for most applications. Recently, though, I’ve started playing with the tool tips a little, and thought I’d share some of the results.
First, it’s very easy to [...]

Flash CS3 / Flex 2 butterflies (part two)

As you’ll see in this new sample app, I’ve been having fun playing with Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3. The new app has some important features that my sample app for part one did not have:

The movie clip in the FLA extends a custom class (defined, of course, in a separate AS file).

The SWC [...]