Managed associations vs. hierarchical values

I promised to post a follow-up to my comments on Jeff Vroom’s presentation at MAX, so let me get to it before too much time passes.
There are different ways of representing the properties of complex objects. For example, let’s consider the pickup truck class. Every pickup has a cab (where the people sit) and the [...]

MAX 2007, Day 3

Well, I had a three-day weekend right after the conference, and then a very busy week, but I’m finally getting around to posting some of the highlights of day three.
Air Bootcamp
In this 3.5-hour session, Mike Chambers and company walked us through the essential steps for building desktop applications using Flex Builder 3, Flash CS3, [...]

MAX 2007, Day 2

I actually wrote the following on Tuesday night, but WordPress was broken so I couldn’t post it. Apparently some files had somehow become corrupt; I re-uploaded them, and now it appears to be working again. Anyway, here are some of the highlights from Tuesday’s sessions.
Building Global Ready Flex Applications
Long-time Adobe employee Craig Rublee gave a [...]

MAX 2007, Day 1

As expected, the first day of MAX was full of useful, interesting, and exciting information. Here are some of the highlights from various sessions:
General Session / Keynote
Kevin Lynch announced that an upcoming release of the Flash Player will include support for the H.264 video codec. This was particularly timely for me, because just a couple [...]