What’s so cool about Cairngorm

I’ve been using Cairngorm for well over a year now. Why Cairngorm? Well, it’s not because I think that Cairngorm is the only good way to build Flex apps. It may not even be the best way; at least two reviewers have concluded that Cliff Hall’s PureMVC is the best Flex application framework around. In [...]

Canvas element: first impressions

Recently my boss asked me to look into Apple’s Canvas HTML element, and I must say I am very impressed by the exceedingly cool things that various developers have accomplished with it. For example, a company in Connecticut called Emprise has made some killer charting components.
However, to make it interactive you need to use JavaScript, [...]

Reusable libraries for Flex applications

One of the things experienced developers usually ask when they begin working with Flex is: How do I reuse code? Well, my answer is that there are at least three ways of creating reusable libraries for Flex applications.
The most common (and oldest) is probably Runtime Shared Libraries (RSL). These are groups of ActionScript classes that [...]

Sassie Tips & Tricks

Jason has posted a very useful list of Flex Builder tips & tricks. He doesn’t just list them, however; he takes the trouble to show us how to implement them, even including screen shots. Check them out.