Musings: Flex 3 vs. Flex 2 Help

In the grand scheme of things, this may not seem like a big question. However, as a developer who likes to reference the API documentation frequently, it seems significant. The question is this: Why does the Flex 3 Help feature bury the API documentation when the Flex 2 Help feature made it so readily available?
Here [...]

Time to switch to Ajax?

One of the great advantages that Flash (and by extension Flex) has over Ajax is that you don’t have to worry about browser idiosyncrasies or versions: If your application heavily depends on JavaScript and/or CSS, you could find major issues whenever a new browser version comes out. By contrast, Flash 4 movies that I built [...]

PureMVC vs. Cairngorm

UPDATE: A revised version of this comparison has been posted; click here to read it.
I have written favorably about both Cairngorm and PureMVC, and this has led a number of people to ask which framework I prefer. Rather than make a blanket statement that one framework is better than the other, it seems more profitable [...]