XML and the AvancedDataGrid, step two

In August, I posted a simple application that shows how the Flex 3 AdvancedDataGrid handles XML data. What I did not discuss in the accompanying blog entry is the fact that binding the XML from the server directly to a UI component is not generally the best design for a real-world application. Unless you’re building [...]

Alfresco Flex ConfigService gotcha: instantiate early!

The ConfigService class in the Alfresco Flex SDK is responsible for getting server configuration information from an external XML file, and making that information available to other SDK classes. The class works well generally, but it does have a quirk that can really trip you up: it sets default values for the configuration variables, and [...]

Flex to the rescue!

This evening at Max, Adobe presented their annual Sneak Peeks, which are demos of new technologies that they may or may not release in the future. Two of these new technologies pertain to Ajax. One is a tool set that is intended to help developers integrate pre-made Ajax components into their sites. The other is [...]