Malformed XML can generate a security sandbox violation

I’m in the process of developing a new Flex 3 RIA, and the server code is not yet written, so I’m using static XML files to provide data while I build out the UI functionality. The XML files are stored on my development machine in a subdirectory of the folder that holds the main SWF. [...]

CheckBoxGroup 2.0 (Beta)

About 15 months ago I released the initial version of CheckBoxGroup, and I was very happy to see that a number of people found it useful. However, like most developers, I can’t stay happy with my creations for very long; I always seem to think of things that I could do to extend and/or improve [...]

Just like old times

I haven’t done one of these in years.
My employer’s website needed some sprucing up, so he asked me to put together a simple promotional animation for the home page. It had been a long time since I designed one of these, but I did it, and you can see it at
Surprisingly, it was fun [...]

For iPhone and iPod users only…

Following my friend Jason The Saj’s good suggestion, I’ve installed the WPTouch plugin, so those of you who use the iPhone or iPod touch should now have a better experience here. Unfortunately, I don’t have either, so I can’t test it.
That being the case, I will enlist your aid: please let me know [...]