Putting a Flex Face on Alfresco, Part 3

In the second Flex/Alfresco webinar, we showed the Flex side of how to get content from an Alfresco repository and display it in Flex. In this video, we show you the Alfresco side - how to create and deploy a custom JavaScript web script. You can watch the video and download the Alfresco source code [...]

Bubble chart with labels

In January I had the opportunity to visit the Queen City to provide some Flex training to a great team of developers under the queen’s crown, and to spend time with some dear friends as well. They (the developers, not the friends) had a requirement to produce bubble charts that had labels inside the bubbles. [...]

Putting a Flex Face on Alfresco, Part 2

In my first Flex/Alfresco webinar, I showed how you can log in to Alfresco from a Flex UI using Alfresco’s Flex SDK. That was nice, of course, but it was also sort of a tease: it left folks wanting to see the next step. Well, it took a while, but I finally recorded a new [...]