This Blog is Frozen

This blog is no longer active. Please visit my new blog.
I’m keeping this blog online for reference, as it has some useful information.

I’m Back

Very few posts on this blog are personal. This is an exception.
I have neglected this website for well over a year now. During that time a number of people have posted questions about things I had written or left comments to inform me of broken links, but I have not responded. I want you to [...]

For iPhone and iPod users only…

Following my friend Jason The Saj’s good suggestion, I’ve installed the WPTouch plugin, so those of you who use the iPhone or iPod touch should now have a better experience here. Unfortunately, I don’t have either, so I can’t test it.
That being the case, I will enlist your aid: please let me know [...]

Site update (at long last)

I just treated my website to a long-overdue face lift - it’s been at least three years since the last time I gave it any serious attention. This is the first time that it meets W3C standards for markup and style, because it never seemed to be worth the effort until now. At this [...]

Getting settled in to the new home

Welcome to my blog’s new home. As Jason informed me in his comment, the RSS is not working at present. I hope to have this resolved soon; meanwhile, take a look at the photo in the header and see if you can spot the item that doesn’t fit with the others.
Update: The RSS [...]