PureMVC vs. Cairngorm revisited

It has been a year since I wrote my first PureMVC vs. Cairngorm post, and in that time I have had the opportunity to build more applications in both frameworks for some pretty diverse organizations. Studying the official Adobe training materials for Cairngorm has also brought some points that I had not previously considered. Perhaps [...]

Cairngorm Diagram Explorer update

I was delivering Cairngorm training to a client’s development team, and the team lead mentioned that the old Cairngorm Diagram Explorer really helped him get a feel for how the various moving parts of Cairngorm work together. After browsing through it, everyone on the team agreed that it was a great tool, but that since [...]

Alfresco Flex ConfigService gotcha: instantiate early!

The ConfigService class in the Alfresco Flex SDK is responsible for getting server configuration information from an external XML file, and making that information available to other SDK classes. The class works well generally, but it does have a quirk that can really trip you up: it sets default values for the configuration variables, and [...]

PureMVC vs. Cairngorm

UPDATE: A revised version of this comparison has been posted; click here to read it.
I have written favorably about both Cairngorm and PureMVC, and this has led a number of people to ask which framework I prefer. Rather than make a blanket statement that one framework is better than the other, it seems more profitable [...]

What’s with all these files?

After attending my Cairngorm presentation at the 2007 FlexManiacs conference, a co-worker (who happens to be an ardent Rails developer) expressed some concern that Cairngorm seems to be overly complex. He thought that perhaps there was too much abstraction for the sake of abstraction, and mentioned that there seemed to be a lot of small [...]

What’s so cool about Cairngorm

I’ve been using Cairngorm for well over a year now. Why Cairngorm? Well, it’s not because I think that Cairngorm is the only good way to build Flex apps. It may not even be the best way; at least two reviewers have concluded that Cliff Hall’s PureMVC is the best Flex application framework around. In [...]

FlexManiacs files - better late than never

Well, I finally posted the files from my FlexManiacs presentations. I was hoping to have the source files completely documented before posting them, but I’ve been busy moving my family to Rhode Island (it isn’t easy to move a family of 6). I still plan to add the documentation, and to extend the sample applications [...]