Completely different all over again…

The Kickstarter project announced in the previous post has been closed, and a new one has been started to replace it. The new project has much more generous rewards. In fact, you can get your shirts at a discount price by “pre-ordering” them through the new Kickstarter project.
So, if you looked at the original Kickstarter [...]

And now for something completely different…*

This video was made to promote a fun project I’ve been working on with some friends of mine. It’s whimsical, utterly non-technical, and family-friendly. It’s called BUBS (for Big, Ugly Barbecue Shirt).
Shameless plug: Over the years I’ve learned a lot from others who freely gave out information, and have tried to return the favor by [...]

The problem of arrogance

A little over two weeks ago, my father-in-law sent me an article entitled, Why Google doesn’t care about hiring top college graduates.  The article is excellent (as is the NYT article that it’s based on), but what particularly got my attention were the things that Google’s Laszlo Bock had to say about what he calls, [...]

Gmail spam filter failures

I had come to trust Gmail’s spam filter so much that I never checked the spam folder. In fact, I had not checked it in several months - maybe even a year. But this evening I saw Cliff Hall’s post about Google spam-filtering itself, and decided I had better take a look. Sure enough, there [...]