PureMVC vs. Cairngorm revisited

It has been a year since I wrote my first PureMVC vs. Cairngorm post, and in that time I have had the opportunity to build more applications in both frameworks for some pretty diverse organizations. Studying the official Adobe training materials for Cairngorm has also brought some points that I had not previously considered. Perhaps [...]

XML and the AvancedDataGrid, step two

In August, I posted a simple application that shows how the Flex 3 AdvancedDataGrid handles XML data. What I did not discuss in the accompanying blog entry is the fact that binding the XML from the server directly to a UI component is not generally the best design for a real-world application. Unless you’re building [...]

PureMVC vs. Cairngorm

UPDATE: A revised version of this comparison has been posted; click here to read it.
I have written favorably about both Cairngorm and PureMVC, and this has led a number of people to ask which framework I prefer. Rather than make a blanket statement that one framework is better than the other, it seems more profitable [...]

Managed associations vs. hierarchical values

I promised to post a follow-up to my comments on Jeff Vroom’s presentation at MAX, so let me get to it before too much time passes.
There are different ways of representing the properties of complex objects. For example, let’s consider the pickup truck class. Every pickup has a cab (where the people sit) and the [...]