PureMVC 2.0.1, Manifold, and Index Cards

Cliff Hall has released a new version of PureMVC with various improvements which you can read about here. In conjunction with this release, Cliff has also unveiled the Manifold Project, which provides numerous demos and ports of PureMVC to languages other than ActionScript 3. I am proud to say that I am participating in the [...]

Flex-on-Rails, iteration one

I’ve completed the first iteration of a Flex-on-Rails application, and had a lot of fun doing so. The application is called Index Cards, and it’s designed to be a generic study aid. The metaphor is simple: on one side of the index card, you write the name of a concept that you wish to learn, [...]

What’s with all these files?

After attending my Cairngorm presentation at the 2007 FlexManiacs conference, a co-worker (who happens to be an ardent Rails developer) expressed some concern that Cairngorm seems to be overly complex. He thought that perhaps there was too much abstraction for the sake of abstraction, and mentioned that there seemed to be a lot of small [...]