Flex to the rescue!

This evening at Max, Adobe presented their annual Sneak Peeks, which are demos of new technologies that they may or may not release in the future. Two of these new technologies pertain to Ajax. One is a tool set that is intended to help developers integrate pre-made Ajax components into their sites. The other is [...]

Back button, behind closed doors

In his latest Alertbox column, Jakob Nielsen discusses a research study that could prove to be invaluable to our understanding of how users behave on the Web. The great thing about this study is that it tracked the participants’ behavior as they followed their own usual routines, so it gives some clear insight into how [...]

Site update (at long last)

I just treated my website to a long-overdue face lift - it’s been at least three years since the last time I gave it any serious attention. This is the first time that it meets W3C standards for markup and style, because it never seemed to be worth the effort until now. At this [...]